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Hi. My name is Joe Laferrera, and I'm running for Selectman.

For those who don't know me, I've been a Sudbarian for 25 years. My two children (who are now both in college) grew up here, and went to Haynes, Curtis and L-S. My wife teaches visually impaired children, and has worked in a number of towns in the area, including Sudbury. I've been a lawyer in Boston my entire professional life, and I head my firm's Employment and Litigation Department.

The position of Selectman is certainly not one to which I feel "entitled" or a trophy that I should try to "win." Rather, I see it as an opportunity to serve the Town and its residents who have done so much for me and my family over the years.

As many have pointed out to me, the job can be a thankless one, and yet I think it is vitally important that I do this. I may be new to the electoral process, but I have been actively involved in town issues in the past. You may recall my spearheading the "Save Davis Field" effort, to preserve Davis Field in its current state and oppose a proposed construction effort there. I was also involved in the organized opposition to the Quarry North proposal, arguing for an approach I thought could extract additional concessions from the developer. On those and other issues, my approach has been consistent: get the facts, find areas of agreement with those whose opinions differ from mine, and then make my strongest case respectfully but persuasively. It is how I've conducted myself in the past -- both in the Town and as a lawyer -- and how I would operate if I were elected this March.

Over the course of the next two months. I will endeavor to meet with as many residents as possible to discuss the Quarry North project, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, the Eversource Powerline proposal, the future of Camp Sewataro, local taxes and other issues that will dramatically impact who we are (and will become) as a town. I don't pretend to have all the answers -- nobody does -- and I ask that you share your thoughts and concerns with me, to help shape the positions I would take as a Selectman. I am confident that I have the skills and the experience necessary to help this town manage and navigate these existing critical issues, and just as importantly, to plan for the ones we will confront in the years ahead.

You can reach me at I'd be happy to hear from you.

(First posted on OneSudbury)

“Joe is smart, thorough and articulate, and absolutely has my support for BOS. He will be an incredible asset for our town leadership.” – Mark Minassian
“I found you to be very articulate, willing to listen and most importantly someone willing to compromise. I hope people in Town get to know you and understand how thoughtful you are on issues in Sudbury…[Y]ou would be a great benefit to the entire town.” – Anne-Marie Santiago Greenberg
“Joe I don’t know you and unfortunately really don’t follow too much of what’s going on in town anymore, however I’m super impressed with what you’ve written here and how you’ve responded to people’s concerns. For what it’s worth I’d be happy to vote for you.” – Scott Nassa
“Sudbury is very lucky to have you. Thank you for running for BOS!” – Darlene Coyne-Tupta
“I very strongly disagreed with Joe’s “Save Davis Field” effort . . . [h]owever, JOE HAS MY VOTE for BOS because I know he is honest, will work hard in the best interests of the Town, and be a great listener and communicator in order to effectively lead Sudbury into the future. 01776 needs Joe! – Noah Goodman
“Joe, [t]hank you for running. The entire town will benefit significantly with your honesty, fairness, thoughtfulness, desire to listen and your passion for Sudbury.” – Scott Sawin
“This position takes a cool, calm, and collected person. I have known you to be that person.” – Jackie Kilroy
“I relay from personal involvement that his ability to listen then distill feedback into cogent actions will be a big plus on the BoS.” – Eric Poch